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Saturday, August 17, 2013


I've never considered myself overly fond of the color pink ... BUT apparently ....
My friend Jo recently gave me a fabric panel with these very cute and very hip girls and lots and lots of PINK!!!
Beautiful fabric panel

Grid paper and colored pencils
Improv piecing...
which is much harder than it looks...
But I do love the results ...

Now to put a border on the improv pieced panel I made ...

And yards and yards of PINK fabric...

Monday, August 12, 2013

A Quilt (Sew) A Long ... Denyse Schmidt's Cog + Wheel

Denyse Schmidt's
Cog + Wheel
I've never hosted? ... Started? ... a Quilt (Sew) A Long but recently I posted this photo on my facebook account about receiving Denyse Schmidt's Cog + Wheel pattern. Thus the LIKE's for the photo and talk of a Quilt (sew) A Long.
I've read up a little on this Quilt (sew) A Long ... and I'm still a little fuzzy but I've decided to put it out there.
You can get Denyse Schmidt's Cog + Wheel pattern here, and here, and just tons of places online.
I have also made a Flickr Group for posting pictures of your fabric choices and progress and finishes!
So ... let the Quilt (sew) A Long BEGIN ...

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Four Fabulous Finishes

Deep Sea Mermaids
57 x 57" square
This one is for me ... with a soft flannel backing

This is my jelly roll quilt challenge quilt
I made this at the KMQG Sewing Retreat in May
It is made with one jelly roll
Again the backing is a soft flannel
with Zebras with Sunglasses

This quilt is a commission quilt for Ms. Kitty
I had made her another one but I didn't like it ...
I made this one
More paisley fabric for the backing too

This quilt is made with a pattern by
The name of the pattern is

This quilt is 86 x 86 inches
A BIG one!
This quilt is for my brother and sister-in-law, as a house warming gift when they move into the house they are presently building.

Spring and Summer and Total Disorganization ...

Crazy hens n chicks ... this spring and summer we have had so much rain. It's been wonderful for the plant life

Not only did my hens n chicks explode this year ... I think the mutated ...
I've never seen my hens n chicks grow to produce
these before ...
I'm taking some sewing lessons from my friend Toni and I made this snappy little fabric tray!

My husband is enjoying it as the new home for our television/DVD remotes ...
I love the fabrics and the decorative stitching...
Then we had a great visit with our baby girl, the shortest fastest 6 days on record!
She was here and headed back way to quickly for my liking.
I've been playing around with my colored pencils and grid paper ...

My friend Jo, gave me the cutest fabric panel
At the rate my summer is speeding by ... it may be fall before I get to work on this project but I've enjoyed selecting fabrics and sketching out possible quilt top designs.
Me and the quilt ladies of Nob Hill Notions have completed the blocks for our Red Yellow and Purple Donation Quilt 2013 (our second donation quilt for 2013). I have purchased the sashing fabric and at our next meeting we hope to finish the quilt top and prepare it for machine quilt. Then it will be time to decide on the organization to donate too.
Any and all suggestions are appreciated for organizations that take quilts and/or take quilts for fundraising efforts.
Yesterday I picked up a few fabrics for our next donation quilt. Ms. Natalie chose the colors and theme for our next donation quilt. We will be making Mardi Gras Mask blocks, in greens, purples, golds, creamy whites, and black, and we can embellish has we wish ...
I have a feeling this quilt is going to be amazing!
I will be picking up four quilts later today that have been at Ms. Pat's of Hunky Dory Machine Quilting. I'm so excited about picking these quilts up. Mostly because I always love the quilting magic that Ms. Pat uses that bump up my quilt projects to a wonderful notch of amazing! And, also because three of the four quilts are gifts. I love giving quilts as gifts.
I've been horrible about posting but finding the time this spring and summer has been a challenge. I will be posting photos of the quilts this afternoon ... I promise!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

My "PIG" Piggy Bank Collection ... Grows and Grows

Pig 40 - Pig on wheels, I got this one on etsy :)

Pig 41 - the piggy bank was given to me from my sweet precious great-nephew, Trey :)

Pig 42 - a gift from my sister ... I ask you ... How COOL is this bank???

 Pig 43 - a gift from my beautiful Aunt Patricia :)

Pig 44 - a gift from one of my sweet quilt group ladies ... Thank you, Kay :)
Pig 45 - another sweet gift from my Aunt Patricia :)
Pig 46 - a gift from the sweetest Baton Rogue lady ... Thank you Mary Lou Whoo!!!
Pig 47 - another SWEET esty find ... :)
Pig 48 - all the way from Brazil ... from my sweet friend Gisele
My "PIG" Piggy Bank Collection continues to grow. I love each and everyone of them.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

My Mom and My Sister Are Great Crocheters ... Me, Not So Much ...

My Mom gave me this booklet
63 Easy To Crochet Pattern Stitches
Leisure Arts Leaflet # 555
Red Heart Super Saver - Pretty n Pink
Red Heart Super Saver - White

While learning how to make the crochet stitches, you are also learning how to read a pattern, and once the 63 blocks are crocheted you have a sampler afghan
As you can see the color palette I have chosen is extremely different from the Rose (Mauve), Green, and Ecru (Beige) that is displayed in the booklet
Red Heart Super Saver Turqua
Red Heart Super Saver White

I've also begun making Granny Squares
I purchased Val Pierce's 20 to Make Crocheted Granny Squares
My first attempt ... Poppies & Daisies
I love it!
Red Heart Super Saver Bright Yellow
Red Heart Super Saver Turgua
Red Heart Super Saver Pretty n Pink
Red Heart Super Saver Dark Orchid

My second attempt ... Tudor Rose
Red Heart Super Saver Spring Green
Red Heart Super Saver White
Red Heart Super Saver Turqua

I love the colors ...
My third attempt ... Traditional Granny Square
I'm not very good at this crocheting thing but I'm having fun learning ...
Red Heart Super Saver Spring Green
Red Heart Super Saver Pumpkin
Red Heart Super Saver Turqua
Red Heart Super Saver Pretty n Pink

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Guess Who Is One Year Old ....

That's right ... our little Jezebel just turned 1 year old!

Her sitting on my black kitty cat quilt ...

Her after her birthday can of tuna ...

Her playing ...

NHN 2013 Donation Quilt - Leukemia & Lymphoma Sociely

Our 2013 Donation Quilt “Journey” (blue/white quilt) given to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society – the blocks were made by Jo, Natalie, Kay, Toni, and Lori – Toni Carringer made the label that we put on the back of the donation quilt

Man & Woman of the Year
Every Year dedicated volunteers from the Nashville and Knoxville areas raise funds to benefit The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society in honor of a local boy and girl of the year.
Top male and female fundraisers win the coveted title of Man & Woman of the Year at the Grand Finale in June 2013, along with numerous prizes - including their picture on local billboards.  


For more information, go to, or contact Monica Ramey in Nashville at, (615) 331-2980, extension 1751, or Lori Friel in Knoxville at, (865) 250-3587.

All proceeds fund vital research, financial assistance, group and individual support and counseling, and public and professional education.

Tennessee Chapter

Welcome to The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society 's Tennessee Chapter! Here you can find ways to participate in local events supporting our research, patient support and information programs. There are many ways to get involved! You can also contact us directly using the link below.

The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society
404 BNA Drive Suite 102
Nashville, TN 37217
(615) 331-2980


Lexington, VA weekend – Jo, Kay, and Natalie

Sue, our gracious hostess, Natalie, Jo, and Lori

Jezebel helping me sew the binding on our donation quilt. The quilt was machine quilted by Jo, Kay, Natalie, and Lori on Jo’s 830. Once that was completed I brought it home to sew on the binding and the quilt label that Toni Carringer made for the quilt.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Nob Hill Notions Quilt Group Donation Quilt II

Although the purples in the post look blue ... they are in fact ... PURPLE!
We are beginning our second donation quilt for 2013
The colors for this donation quilt are
with the ACCENT color

My first donation quilt block
Crop Circles

My second donation quilt block
Lava Lamp